1. Because our country is more in grave danger than ever, including the Great Depression and since the Civil War. We must be well-informed of often elusive truths with more fake news than ever and increased free-speech restrictions on social media.
  2. Because Republicans who don't support freedom, democracy, and our Constitution, need to be recalled or prevented from holding public office in the future.
  3. Democrats have become AINOs – Americans In Name Only – who hate their country and are determined to do it harm. We must be able to see and understand what they are doing and to articulate our perspective.
  4. Because Democrats have shifted Radical Left, they’ve become a Marxist-Leninist Party with the ends-justify-the-means morality that come with it: that any amount of lying, cheating and even violence is moral if done to achieve the goal of full seizure of political power. It is critical to see through these tactics.
  5. Because the Chinese Virus Hysteria has been exaggerated for the purpose of destroying the American economy and taking over the country.
  6. Because we need to know what we can do in peaceful, yet strong ways to politically, socially, and legally block (or minimize) the socialist moves.  
  7. Because with even Fox News moving left, ToThePoint is the one place you can depend on to gain a clear understanding of what is happening to our country and why. Our writers plus the carefully curated content of our Guest Authors, are unmatched in the insights they provide. You will learn from the best.
  8. Because TTP Members are unmatched in their insightful intelligence, which they consistently share and express on the TTP Discussion Forum. You can make real friends here.
  9. Because when you join To The Point, you’ll be welcomed into the TTP Family – for that is what we are, a family of clear-thinking patriots who love their country, who love liberty and are determined to preserve it, and who have joined together to provide An Oasis for Rational Conservatives
  10. Because you get daily updates and an in-depth weekly report with insights and "behind-the-scenes" info every Friday that will answer questions that have been in your mind.
  11. Because the point of view of the report is how to see this situation like the glass that is"Half-Full" and you will laugh, cry, and cheer!

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